marimo Regional Revitalization REIT, Inc.

marimo Regional Revitalization REIT, Inc.Regional areas have hidden potential.

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Nov. 17, 2023 Release
Notice Concerning Filing of Lawsuit for Rent Reduction Regarding Investment Asset of marimo REIT (Yamada Denki Tecc Land Mihara Store) PDF(36.7KB)
Nov. 10, 2023 Update
"Occupancy Rate" updated
Oct. 26, 2023 Release
Notice Concerning Additional Acquisition of Domestic Real Estate (Starship Kobe Gakuentoshi) PDF(212KB)
Oct. 12, 2023 Update
"Presentation material for the 14th Period (ended June 30,2023)" updated PDF(8.6MB)
Oct. 10, 2023 Update
"Occupancy Rate" updated
Aug. 28, 2023 Release
Notice Concerning Borrowing of Funds (Refinancing) PDF(57.8KB)
Aug. 10, 2023 Update
"Occupancy Rate" updated
Jul. 10, 2023 Update
"Occupancy Rate" updated
Jun. 12, 2023 Release
Notice Concerning Prepayment of Loan PDF(45.5KB)
Jun. 9, 2023 Update
"Occupancy Rate" updated
May 10, 2023 Update
"Occupancy Rate" updated
Apr. 21, 2023 Release
Notice Concerning Share Exchange and Changes to Major Shareholder and Parent Company of Asset Manager PDF(118KB)



14th period (ending Dec.2022)
Payment commencement:September 14, 2023
Forecast for 15th period (ending Jun.2023)
Forecast for 16th period (ending Dec.2023)

Portfolio Data

As of June 30, 2023

Number of properties
Total acquisition price
50,140million yen

As of October 31, 2023

Occupancy rate

Latest Financial Materials

14th period (ended June 2023)

Asset Manager

  • Marimo Asset Management Co., Ltd.


  • Marimo Co., Ltd.

Supporting Companies

  • Alpha Court co.,ltd
  • San ju San Bank, Ltd.
  • The Michinoku Bank, Ltd.
  • The Tokyo Star Bank, Limited
  • The Chugoku Bank, Limited
  • Kansai Urban Banking Corporation
  • The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
  • The Ashikaga Bank, Ltd.
  • ReBITA Inc.