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Property Details

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Location 1-9-25 Minamikumamoto, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto
Acquisition price 2,120million yen
Appraisal value 2,440million yen
Appraisal NOI yield 7.2%
Gross floor area Retail, etc.: 11,993.41㎡
Parking: 6,089.71㎡
Leasable area 11,157.71㎡
Constructed Retail, etc.:
October 16, 2008
January 15, 1986

Property descriptions

Although the property is located approximately a 7-minute walk from Minami-Kumamoto Station on the JR Hohi Main Line, cars are the main transportation means in the Kumamoto area. The about 30m-wide National Route 266 to which the property is adjoined provides easy access to the city center as well as to main streets with excellent continuity. It is roughly 1.5km from the neighboring area to the city center (around the city office), offering proximity to the central area.