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Profile of Sponsor: Profile of Marimo

Marimo Co., Ltd.
Marimo is a company that started as a design office. Marimo has been operating mainly in major regional cities across Japan since its commencement of marketing of independently developed for-sale condominiums in 1990. In addition, on top of the real estate related businesses in Japan with real estate development and for-sale condominium businesses at the core, Marimo has recently also been proactively expanding its operations overseas.

Profile of Marimo Co., Ltd.

Company name Marimo Co., Ltd.
President Makoto Fukagawa
Established September 1970
Headquarters 1-17-23 Kogokita, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Business Activities
Real Estate: Project Planning・Development・Architectural Designing・
Project Supervision・Marketing and Sales・Property Liquidity・Overseas Real Estate Development
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(Note) Including subsidiaries’ lines of business and area coverage.

Abundant track record in real estate development in regional areas

(Note 1) Marimo’s track record is presented for reference purposes only and there are no plans for acquisition of the properties above by marimo REIT. In addition, the for-sale condominiums are also not intended for future acquisition by marimo REIT.
(Note 2) Even when properties are developed through joint investment with third parties, all buildings and all units are counted in the track record in for-sale condominium development.

Marimo’s Regional Revitalization Initiatives—Promotion of Urban Redevelopment Business—

marimo REIT believes that Marimo’s urban redevelopment business can add vitality to cities and regions. marimo REIT believes that the synergistic effects of Marimo and marimo REIT from Marimo promoting sale and marketing of the residential portions of redevelopment properties and marimo REIT holding the retail, residential, office, hotel and other portions developed in Marimo’s urban redevelopment business can promote urban redevelopment in regional cities and even play a role in compact city development (Note 1).

Conceptual image of urban redevelopment (Note 2)

Conceptual image of urban redevelopment

(Note 1) “Compact city development” refers to the development of towns with high population density by concentrating living and various functions in city centers.
(Note 2) This is a conceptual image of the case where Marimo engages in an urban redevelopment project and marimo REIT acquires the property developed in such project. Accordingly, actual cases may differ. There is no guarantee that acquisition of the retail and residential portions will be made by marimo REIT and there may be cases where urban redevelopment takes place in a form different from the above.

Marimo’s Income-Producing Real Estate Business Track Record

Marimo engages in development, operation and value enhancement of income-producing real estate not limited to housing but matching needs that vary by region and asset type by utilizing the experience and array of expertise accumulated in the for-sale condominium business over the years. A core business of this is the “ArtizA” series of rental condominiums, some of which was acquired by marimo REIT upon its IPO.

Promotion of rental condominium brand

Pursuit of Enhancement of Property Value

As part of the real estate securitization business (Note 1), Marimo engages in the business of enhancing the intrinsic value of real estate through renovation according to the area characteristics, needs, etc. for real estate that have deteriorated asset value. marimo REIT pursues enhancement of property value by utilizing the expertise in value enhancement that Marimo has accumulated in such business.

Tenant leasing through value enhancement

(Note 1) “Real estate securitization business” refers to the business of purchasing used condominium, office and retail properties that have deteriorated asset value and renovating to enhance the value of the real estate according to the area characteristics and needs and thereby enhancing the intrinsic value of the real estate.
(Note 2) There are no plans for acquisition by marimo REIT.

Marimo’s Comprehensive Strengths

Marimo has accumulated “expertise in information sourcing and analysis,” “expertise in real estate development” and “expertise in value enhancement” concerning the real estate market in regional areas through abundant track record in the real estate development business and real estate securitization business, boosting Marimo’s comprehensive strengths.

Case example of regional revitalization demonstrating Marimo’s comprehensive strengths: Polestar Matsuyama Forest City (Note)

Matsuyama Forest City

(Note) There are no plans for acquisition by marimo REIT.